Ciria Tanning Company

About Us

Incorporated in 1968, CIRIA TANNING COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED was the dream project of the founder Mr. Ranjan Gupta – the leading leather technologist. Later, the entire responsibility passed on to the hands of Mr. Rahul Gupta (the present Managing Director of the organization). Ciria Tanning is amongst the pioneer tanneries of Eastern India that holds the reputation of producing not just huge volumes of leather (and leather products) but of highest quality as well.

The journey began with tannery operations along with manufacturing and export of very fine quality Chrome tanned (Wet Blue) leather made exclusively from cow and buffalo hides as well as goat skin. With the passage of time, Mr. Rahul Gupta diversified the activities of Ciria Tanning by switching over to export of other finished leather products and then other finished leather products such as shoe uppers and upholstery leather.

Ciria Tanning Company Private Limited takes the pride for being extremely conscious about the quality, procurement, selection, fabrication, packaging and the delivery schedule of their products. The relationship with all the customers has been greatly rewarding simply because of the meticulous packaging technique and maintaining the delivery schedule strictly.

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