Ciria Tanning Company


At the beginning of the journey, Ciria Tanning Company concentrated all their energy in tanning of leather and export (in countries like Czechoslovakia, UK, Sweden, Italy, USSR) of Chrome Tanned (Wet Blue) leather made buffalo calf, cow hides and goat skins. The entire operation took place under the able leadership of the Leather expert Late Mr. Ranjan Gupta. Later, Ciria Tanning Company began exporting finished leather made from cow, buffalo, sheep, and goat for making shoe uppers, lining, and upholstery leather to USA, Denmark, France and several other European and Scandinavian countries.

The last two decades saw great diversification in the manufacturing and finished product business by Ciria Tanning under the leadership of Mr. Rahul Gupta (the present Managing Director). Apart from supplying finished leathers for the huge demand of the domestic market, export targets are also fulfilled with ease. Most of the manufactured leather goods are made mainly from the leather procured at Ciria’s own tannery and some portions of leather are also collected from other sources.

Ciria Tanning Company believes that in the days to come the entire leather industry will look up to Kolkata for all their leather needs and as such; Ciria Tanning Company Private Limited is sure to stand in the highest position as the most trusted organization. To mention just a few international business achievements; Ciria Tanning has already exported their leather to world famous brands like Ted Bensson, Alex & Co., Gianni Conti (Italy), Fiona, Pierre Cardin, UMI (Canada), Aimee (Switzerland), Gabee Cobb & Co. (Australia), Bodenschatz, Clair Langford (UK), Perry Ellis (USA), Choice, Ricardo Feriducci (Austria & Germany), Mandarina Duck, El Corte Ingles, Emidio Tucci, Alviero Martini, and Ducati amongst others.


Environment has been one of the highest priorities to Ciria Tanning Company’s authority. Tanning industry is such a field where every single action has to be done with great care so that the environment is not at risk. Ciria Tanning Company is committed to prevent pollution by complying with all the environmental legislation and other requirements. The wet blue technique used in manufacturing leather in Ciria’s tannery is just one simple example of how the organization is committed to keep the environment pollution free. The organization maintains some codes of practice like:

Efficient use of water, energy and other natural resources
Reducing wastes wherever practical
Establishing measurable environmental objectives and communicating those with the workforce and at the same time providing necessary resources and training so that the goal can be realized.

Ciria Tanning is committed to maintain the process of improving the environmental performance with the help of effective management system.