Ciria Tanning Company

Ciria Tanning Company Private Limited manufactures world class bags at their own factory with the high quality leather they produce at their own tannery. This combination of personalized raw material and well-chosen craftsmen helps in creation of flawless leather goods available at extremely reasonable price. The design forma used in making handbags are exclusive and created with special care by the design experts of the company. It is not just the hand bags that Ciria Tanning produces; they are well known for several other leather goods like women’s and men’s wallets, wash bags, sling bags, hold-alls, folder bags and most importantly bags made with the combination of leather and other materials like jute, straw, woven mats etc. The internal reinforcements used in making all the bags are specially chosen to ensure perfect durability of the bags. Ultimately, durability is the second prime factor that you will look for while choosing a leather bag.


Ciria Tanning presents the widest range of bags made for women. You will find exclusive hand bags, wallets, wash bags, folder bags, purses and clutches (equipped with RFID protected card slots) and sling bags to choose from. The leather quality is guaranteed by the leather production wing of the company. The colours are brilliant and durable. Designer at Ciria Tanning emphasize on women’s need of multi-utility bags and thus; all the bags you will find here are made with several pockets such as tab pockets, credit card slots, and mobile pockets along with zip pockets for personal accessories storage purpose.



Men’s requirements are slightly different from that of women and Ciria Tanning takes proper care of it. The wallets and folders made for men are made with durable leather in primarily colours to suite the men. You may find the absence of vibrant colours in the men’s section; but you are sure to find the classic look desired by men.



Ciria Tanning presents a wide range of exclusively designed ladies wallets including purses, card holders and coin purses. Each of the wallets has been designed to suit the needs of modern women. Made with soft and subtle leather, the vibrant colours of the wallets are sure to make you happy.



Men’s wallets are available in the widest range. Ciria Tanning is extremely careful about the necessities of modern men and various types of designs with customized needs are available. The company is proud to offer men’s wallets in various colours, designs, leather quality and styles to suit different price ranges and taste. Besides common Billfold wallets, you will also get to choose from Trifold and All-round zip wallets. Different designs of document holders, card holders, key holders, passport holders and RFID protected card holders are available with Ciria Tanning.



Besides making exclusive bags for men and women, Ciria Tanning makes several other leather goods to cater the needs of both men and women. The hold-alls made by the company can be the best travelling partner for you!

Other than the mentioned full-leather goods, you will find wonderful bags made with the combination of leather and other materials. Ciria Tanning makes use of indigenously materials like jute, straw, woven mats as the supporting materials to create exclusive bags.


The wide range of activities initiated by the company includes the recent launching of the brand named ECSTATIC for exclusive leather bags under the able leadership of Mrs. Sumana Gupta (present Director of Ciria Tanning Company Private Limited).